Everywhere I've been has led me to where I am now

Let’s face it. The trip to the mailbox these days leads you to nothing but junk mail and stacks of deals for things you probably don’t need but you keep the ads anyway just in case you need to make a quick run though the drive thru. Sending mail to friends & family members doesn’t really happen anymore. The greeting cards industry is falling by the wayside as technology advances. LAA started out as a stationery store for weddings, but as time has gone by, we’ve also had a chance to dip our toes into other forms of the handmade industry. Our goal is to provide adorable designs in whatever form we see fit. Whether it be paper, clothing, or if we ever decide to master welding maybe even metal! LAA loves the aesthetic approach to life. And we’re going to stick to selling ‘pretty’ as long as we possibly can in whichever way inspires us in the moment!

WHERE LAA CAME FROM {a letter from the owner}
Growing up I was never able to keep my dreams, ambitions or hobbies straight. In kindergarten I wanted to be a clown. (Can you imagine?) By middle school I wanted to be an actress. Somewhere in high school I decided I wanted to teach piano or be an interior designer. Yet I somehow ended up with a math degree and worked as a graphic designer for 4 years. All these aspirations were very heart felt and passionate at the time, but clearly I can’t keep my head on straight! Despite running in an occupational zig zag, one thing has not changed and that’s my love for making things on my own. I have a strong attention to detail and when I finally set my mind to something I’m in it to win it—for the time being, of course! My heart is 125% in making each item for my customers, and I hope they find homes to the right hearts to love and cherish them as much as I enjoyed making them for years to come.

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